Dec. 11th, 2005

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Today we went to the mall... Mission Valley. Bought a few things, but yeah.. Ultimately, I didn't really get much. I got Selassie a journal 'cause I had no idea what books she was interested in getting this year. XP Couldn't find anything for that dork [ profile] bobbleheadvi, so.. yeah. x_x Oh wellz.. Can't say what Imma give him anyway in case he reads this. XP

I got a new jacket though! It's orange! XD Mwhahahhaha! I wanted a green one, but they didn't have bright green. =( Oh wellz. [ profile] aznearthdragon got a pink one.

We saw Col. at Mission when we left Robinson's May. =O Hahahah! That was weird. XP

Anywayz.. Cathy and Sandy told us that we could get hacky sacks from Tilly's in Mission, but we didn't see any! I swear, I never thought that buying a hacky sack would be so hard, but I guess that it's too old of a toy-ish thing.. People are more into the electronic stuff nowadays.. But seriously! A hacky sack! Why don't they sell them anymore?!~ Looked in a lot of stores, but yeah.. they don't have them. x_x Such lameness.. I guess we didn't shop in the right places.. Oh wellz. Tim ain't getting one then, hahaha.

When we left Mission, we went to Sears Essentials and got a few things, then went home.

Me and [ profile] aznearthdragon wrapped our gifts, hahah. We suck, but whateverz. XP People rip the wrapping paper anyway, hahah. They don't care how badly wrapped it is. XP It's the stuff inside that counts. XP

I must study for my Health final.. But I don't want to! ;_; Gosherz..

Kinda sad that I have class (well, obvious I'll have class since it's high school and all, but I meant Mesa) on Tuesday.. I mean, gosh! It's my birthday! XP At least I can look forward to one gift! =P The chances of me getting more a pretty darn slim, 'cause no one cares about me and my b-day anyway.

I hear that the results for the BDI and CG competition might be in by Tuesday. Hope that's true and that we get pretty darn high placings so it could be kinda like a b-day present, hahaha. XP

Homework To Do (Due Date):
- ROTC // Weekly Report (Two Days Ago), Meeting Notes (Months Ago), Briefing (Friday)
- Health // Study for Final (Monday)
- English // Soundtrack (Tuesday)
- Calculus // Friday's Homework (Monday), Monday's Homework (Tuesday)

Briefing to the principles on Friday.. supposedly. I dunno if I should believe them 'cause I know they haven't really talked to the principles yet.. I don't want to dress up for nothing..

Friday my parents are gonna pick up my uncles from Germany that are coming over for two weeks.. At first they said that we could drive to school since they have to go all the way to LA to pick them up and they can't pick us up, but... Now they said that we have to take the bus! >O I mean, come on! We've had our licenses for almost a year now, and we can't even drive! What are we gonna do?! Go to the mall or something? Yeah, right! Why can't we just drive?!~ I wanna hang out with people after school on that day, 'cause I know that Unarmed won't want to stay and hang out, but all the cool ones will stay a while.. BLEH! It's the day before break too! But yeah.. I'm not gonna ask for them to let us.. They always get mad at me for every little thing.. And don't trust me, so.. Whateverz..

Welpz.. Gotta get on all the homework now.. Laterz.



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