Dec. 16th, 2005


Dec. 16th, 2005 08:34 pm
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Gave Tim his gift.. And yeah.. Got changed and stuff for the briefing.. Then had the briefing (only for one principle). OMG, I sucked.. I was okay-ish for a while, but then.. yeah.. ;_; I screwed up a lot.. ;_; Oh wellz.. At the end, Ms. Dawes didn't ask me any hard questions and the questions she asked were only about me, so I was happy. XP Eric M. got a hard question! What is a citizen? Hahahah!

Afterwards, ate some sweet, fattening stuff and helped [ profile] bobbleheadvi with math.

[ profile] bobbleheadvi got me an orange shirt. XD But yeah.. It's big on me, so I wanna exchange it.. But yeah.. I dun have receipt for it or anything, so.. x_x

Didn't do much.. Selassie gave me her gifts to me. Got some raspberry lotion, spray, and body wash and got Memoirs of a Geisha. I guess I didn't tell her before that [ profile] aznearthdragon got the book recently. ^_^;; Oh wellz. She wants to borrow after I'm done, lol. XP

Josh gave me a $10 gift card to Borders. Now I have two Borders gift cards, and I've never visited a Borders before besides Borders Express. @_@ I wanna gooo!

Went and picked up my class ring.. Yeah..

Took quiz.. BLEHHH! I sucked.. Oh wellz.. I tried the extra credit 'cause yeah.. who wouldn't? But we didn't even learn it yet, so.. Yeah. At the end of the period a few minutes before we left, Ms. Lee let people see the key and I looked and I got the right answer for the extra credit (woth 10 points!) but.. I didn't have a chance to read though the process, so I'll probably only get a few points on it since I guessed like crazy. XP

Cleaned.. BLAH!

Schnizler gave us a ride home. First off, eww! But yeah.. Lots of stuff to carry, so it was good.. I'd hate to walk a mile with all that junk..

Parents went to LA to pick up my uncles that are coming from Germany.. They're still not home yet.. BLAH! Whateverz. I like when they're not home. It's like old times. XP Back in the day when my dad owned his own restaurant. @_@ That was so long ago. @_@

Lots of homework and stuff to do this break.. BLAHHH! Talk about it later since I'm lazy right now... Laterz.



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